The Diocesan director for Missio Sweden, Anna Bieniaszewski Sandberg, attended the annual meeting of Diocesan directors for the catechesis in the Nordic countries, where she talked about the work of Missio Nordica and The Pontifical Mission Societies.

Anna told the participants about Missio’s and PMS involvement in the countries around the World where the Catholic Church is engaged in missionary work. She spoke about the missionary nature of the Church and the origins of The Pontifical Mission Societies.

What engaged the participants the most was the story of the blessed Pauline Jaricot (1799-1862), the founders of the missionary support movement that developed into today’s Missio.

Ulrika Erlandsson, the Diocesan director for catechesis in Sweden, said that she in the example of the blessed Pauline saw great potential for teaching about the Church’s missionary nature and every Christian’s call to evangelize.

  • The story of this young, only fifteen-year-old girl, who lost her mother and dedicated her life to Jesus Christ and the missionary spirit of the Church, touched me very much, Ulrika said.
  • Many confirmands can probably identify with her. I hope they may be inspired to serve the missions.

The meeting took place in The Monastery of Saint Bridget in Maribo, Denmark, on March 28th-30th. Following participants attended the meeting:

From Denmark: Bishop Czeslaw Kozon (responsible for the catechesis in the five Nordic on behalf of Nordic Bishops’ Conference), Marcelino Gauguin and Rosa Knudsen

From Finland: Osmo Vartiainen

From Iceland: sr. Pentecostes

From Norway: Camilla Cselenyi, f. Oddvar Moi, Teresa Ranek

From Sweden: Ulrika Erlandsson

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